At the age of 13 Patrizsha lost her mom and found alcohol and boys. By 15, she had overdosed and Patrizsha was thrown out of her family home in her Junior year of high school. She continued down the path of darkness and went on to become Miss New Jersey and just managed to escape the under belly of the drug culture. Patrizsha had no idea when this was all happening that God would use 
these experiences to fuel her songs and bring hope to the hurting.

Her mission is to broadcast to everyone they are loved and lovable, valued and valuable and no matter how far down they may have gone, there is hope and help for them. 
With her original musical, The Soundtrack Of Hope, Patrizsha conveys God has a life for you beyond your wildest dreams, just hold on until the miracle happens! 

Be it the United Nations New York City or to Nashville, Tennessee, Africa to South Korea or right here in New Jersey, Patrizsha feels at home singing her message of love and belonging.

Patrizsha and the Soulterior Motives Worldwide Band perform The Soundtrack of Hope, an original musical power driven gospel/ rock show that brings hope to the hearts and souls of all ages and cultures.  The Soundtrack Of Hope is Patrizsha's journey from brokenness to wholeness which inspires, encourages, uplifts, and sets one free from whatever may have one in chains!  Patrizsha wants people to know we are chosen by God, He loves us and no matter what we've done He forgives us and we all belong! 

Patrizsha has presented music from The Soundtrack Of Hope at Trinity Broadcast Network, NYC, Jesus Celebration Church, Mombasa, Kenya, The United Nations, NYC, Pyang Taek Youth Conference, Pyang Taek University, South Korea, Egerton University, Kenya, Christian Women In Media Conference, Nashville, Tn, The New York Ave. Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC, church services, school assemblies, concerts, radio, conferences, recovery rallies, festivals and many other venues large and small.  Come sing and dance, laugh and cry, be forever changed.​

Leave inspired by this powerful, energetic, healing musical production making you feel like you can conquer any situation life may throw your way. 


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Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7 Helpline (800) 245-1377 or (908) 687-8566
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